The Basics of ultrawide monitors

Ultrawide Monitors are any display that is basically about the 21:9 aspect ratios. It is so designed that it can have a like aspect ratio as in the traditional movie screens. The size of the display that is say 29” to 34” diagonally determines the screen resolutions which could be 2560 pixels and 3440 pixels wide by 1080 pixels and 1440 pixels high. That gives you a large horizontal working area; in fact, it might even be more than two or three displays put together. Not only that, an ultrawide monitor facilitates flawless working as well as gaming experience. You won’t have any bezels in the middle of documents or windows and also no multiple connections to the computer’s video card to bring all the displays together.
ultrawide displays let you have native resolutions on current generation video cards. Even for gamers, the games can be run on the current graphics card itself without the hassle of going through upgrading the cards with more ports or more power.
Which are the companies that make Ultrawide monitors?
Companies like LG, Dell, ASUS and AoC make ultrawide monitors and there are generally one or two models each company from which one can make a choice. Though there are a lot of companies; actually, the number of models are a little limited.


Are ultrawide monitors really needed?
Come to think of it, ultrawide monitors for gaming are pretty expensive. Having said that they are pretty much substituting traditional workspaces. However, the benefits are really seen only if you go above 30” or bigger than when one works with one or two display screens. Movie fans and gamers would absolutely love the surrounding experience. Professionals who die for productivity will be able to have multiple applications side by side without having to bother resizing them, and all these can be usable at one time.

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